PAKT Pick: Reusable Face Masks

With masks now a mandatory daily accessory, everyone from independent designers to big-name fashion brands are offering their own stylish take including Asian based creatives.

PAKT Pick: CleanKey by KeySmart

Has COVID-19 made you extra paranoid even opening a door or touching buttons? The CleanKey from KeySmart, the game-changing, everyday product design company which started as a Kickstarter project, is perfect for the time of coronavirus.

PAKT Pick: The Light Salon’s Boost Advanced LED Mask

Different times call for different measures and it’s the same with beauty. But you don’t have to forgo your monthly facials entirely, The Light Salon’s Boost LED Mask gives the equivalent cumulative dose of light as one salon treatment if you use the mask three times a week over a month.

PAKT Pick: b-Mola Go Portable Air Purifier

Bacteria and viruses are increasingly—and rightfully—on people’s minds. From hand sanitisers and masks we wage a daily battle to keep bacteria at bay. But what if you want something portable to purify the airspace when you are travelling or on the go? Fortunately for those of us who want something medical grade but consumer friendly,  the b-Mola Go is a chic, lightweight portable air purifier…

PAKT Pick: Slip’s Pillowcases and Travel Sets

Ready to up your sleeping game?  Cult silk brand Slip, whose gorgeous pillowcases and travel sets are made of exceptionally soft and cool-to-the-cheek pure mulberry silk, is leading the charge to revitalise your sleep.

PAKT Pick: Fashionopolis By Dana Thomas

As we have grown more conscious about the hidden side of fast fashion, one of the most fundamental and urgently important questions to ask ourselves might be: “what should I wear?”