5 Ways to Detox and Organise Your Wardrobe with PAKT

Are you having some chairdrobe (or floordrobe) problems, but you’ve still got “nothing to wear”? Then it’s time for you to think about doing a wardrobe detox. From the organisational tips the PAKT team swear by to the storage solutions they recommend, give your wardrobe a fresh start with our five step guide on how to edit and manage your wardrobe now.

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PAKT Life: Female Entrepreneurs Day 2019

Barbara Yu Larsson, Co Founder of PAKT was recently asked to speak at the Female Entrepreneurs Day event in Singapore. Founded by Anna Wong and Ines Gafsi, the conference brought together new generation entrepreneurs uniting them with the big thinkers, female trailblazers and inspiring founders who are shaping the world. Held over two days, at 250 Orchard Road, FED aims to provide tangible support to female led businesses while exploring new ideas and the fourth annual conference certainly lived up to its name.

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