Wardrobe Insider: Susheela Rivers of DLA Piper

As DLA Piper Hong Kong’s Office Managing Partner and Co-Chair for their Global Real Estate sector, it’s no surprise that Susheela Rivers is front and centre, advising on landmark developments throughout Asia and the UK. Here, the stylish, pentalingual mother of four, reveals her current wardrobe favourites, her personal style signifier and what she wears when channelling a boho chic vibe. 

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PAKT Pick: The Light Salon’s Boost Advanced LED Mask

The Light Salon - Boost Advanced LED Mask

It’s a quick Zoom meeting with colleagues, Psycle barre burn with IGTV and Instagram for a Chris Martin set. Different times call for different measures and it’s the same with beauty. But you don’t have to forgo your monthly facials entirely, as despite it selling out as fast as stores stock it, The Light Salon’s Boost at-home LED Mask gives the equivalent cumulative dose of light as one salon treatment if you use the mask three times a week over a month.

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5 Instagram accounts to follow when planning a Wardrobe Detox

5 Instagram accounts to follow when planning a Wardrobe Detox

Nothing motivates you more to organise your home, than a few weeks of self-isolation and extra time on your hands — and the manic, sugar highs that come from consuming your body weight in chocolate! Of course, the problems unique to living in Hong Kong also play a part. Everyone struggles with the lack of space, humidity and needing to do a seasonal clothing swap as early as February. Need some inspiration to start your wardrobe detox? Here’s some recommendations to get you going. 

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Wardrobe Insider: Cara Li, Co-founder of Matchali

Cara Li, co-founder of Matchali

As the co-founder of Matchali, Hong Kong’s first homegrown matcha brand Cara Li studied at the Institute of Culinary Education and the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York before returning home to launch her own business. While she might be all about leading Hong Kong’s matcha revolution with unique concoctions that taste as fabulous as they look,  she does so with an elegant fashion sense inspired by her mother.

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PAKT Pick: b-Mola Go Portable Air Purifier

b-Mola Go NCCO portable air purifier

Bacteria and viruses are increasingly—and rightfully—on people’s minds. From hand sanitisers and masks we wage a daily battle to keep bacteria at bay. But what if you want something portable to purify the airspace when you are travelling or on the go? Fortunately for those of us who want something medical grade but consumer friendly,  the b-Mola Go is a chic, lightweight portable air purifier that comes in a range of colours and has a leather handle for easy hanging.

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Wardrobe Insider: Kim Bui Kollar, Founder of Banck Creative

Kim Bui Kollar, stylist, brand consultant and founder of Banck Creative

Stylist and brand consultant, Kim Bui Kollar knows a thing or two about style and managing a wardrobe. The founder of Banck Creative and long time collaborator with designer Phillip Lim, Kim is known for her sense of style and unique point of view.

Street style photographers love her and while she dreams of collaborating with Rihanna and having a concept store with a twist, day to day it’s all about styling clothes to make them hers.

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PAKT Pick: Ember Temperature Control Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug

The Ember temperature control mug is the latest version of the sleek, ceramic cups disrupting the thermos market. A coffee (or tea) lovers’ best friend, the revolutionary design connects to an app so you get the perfect temperature till the very last drop. Which is a good thing, because as much as we all love our brews we’re equally guilty of leaving them to go cold!

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Get selling with Vestiaire Collective

PAKT has partnered with Vestiaire Collective to help sell what you no longer want

Pre-loved clothing is having more than a moment. The luxury resale market is growing 21 times faster than the general luxury sector, and major fashion icons are selling and buying on resale sites. With that in mind PAKT is aiming to make things a little easier for everyone else.  And it really couldn’t be easier, as PAKT has partnered with Vestiaire Collective to help you to sell items hanging in your wardrobe that, frankly, no longer spark joy. 

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