PAKT Pick: The Light Salon’s Boost Advanced LED Mask

The Light Salon - Boost Advanced LED Mask

It’s a quick Zoom meeting with colleagues, Psycle barre burn with IGTV and Instagram for a Chris Martin set. Different times call for different measures and it’s the same with beauty. But you don’t have to forgo your monthly facials entirely, as despite it selling out as fast as stores stock it, The Light Salon’s Boost at-home LED Mask gives the equivalent cumulative dose of light as one salon treatment if you use the mask three times a week over a month.

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PAKT Pick: b-Mola Go Portable Air Purifier

b-Mola Go NCCO portable air purifier

Bacteria and viruses are increasingly—and rightfully—on people’s minds. From hand sanitisers and masks we wage a daily battle to keep bacteria at bay. But what if you want something portable to purify the airspace when you are travelling or on the go? Fortunately for those of us who want something medical grade but consumer friendly,  the b-Mola Go is a chic, lightweight portable air purifier that comes in a range of colours and has a leather handle for easy hanging.

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PAKT Pick: Ember Temperature Control Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug

The Ember temperature control mug is the latest version of the sleek, ceramic cups disrupting the thermos market. A coffee (or tea) lovers’ best friend, the revolutionary design connects to an app so you get the perfect temperature till the very last drop. Which is a good thing, because as much as we all love our brews we’re equally guilty of leaving them to go cold!

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PAKT Pick: The Elder Statesman’s Super Soft Blankets

Hand loomed in the USA, California lifestyle brand The Elder Statesman brings a hand crafted touch to their Super Soft blankets. Each one is a riot of colour, with bold, multi coloured stripes incorporated into the weave. So if their sweaters are anything to go by, wrapping yourself in a never ending  cloud of cashmere brings new meaning to luxurious living. 

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