Get the most out of PAKT

PAKT wardrobe service — a better way to wardrobe Why do I need PAKT? The reality is most of us only wear 20-30% of our wardrobe regularly. Managing the rest of it — seasonal pieces, occasion wear, suits, dresses, leather, handbags, shoes — takes time and effort. There’s a better way! PAKT’s effortless service provides…

Introducing the Condition Report

Our condition report allows you to see what needs a bit of extra love, with solutions that seamlessly fit with your busy lifestyle.

Give Your Handbags A New Lease of Life

With over 25 years experience as a butler and as co-founder of Noble and Hitsch butler service, Thomas Kaufmann is an expert in cleaning and conditioning handbags. So, if you have a much-loved bag that has gotten a bit mouldy or generally needs TLC, PAKT has partnered with Thomas to help bring beaten-up old favourites back to life.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Is there a fashionista, shopaholic or stylish woman constantly on the run in your life? Are they running out of space and would they love the advice of a professional stylist?

Do you need extra storage space?

While PAKT takes care of your wardrobe, we know you may have other items to store — which is why we have partnered with premium self-storage provider RedBox Storage to help with all your additional storage needs.