Introducing the Condition Report

Our condition report allows you to see what needs a bit of extra love, with solutions that seamlessly fit with your busy lifestyle.

Give Your Handbags A New Lease of Life

With over 25 years experience as a butler and as co-founder of Noble and Hitsch butler service, Thomas Kaufmann is an expert in cleaning and conditioning handbags. So, if you have a much-loved bag that has gotten a bit mouldy or generally needs TLC, PAKT has partnered with Thomas to help bring beaten-up old favourites back to life.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Is there a fashionista, shopaholic or stylish woman constantly on the run in your life? Are they running out of space and would they love the advice of a professional stylist?

Do you need extra storage space?

While PAKT takes care of your wardrobe, we know you may have other items to store — which is why we have partnered with premium self-storage provider RedBox Storage to help with all your additional storage needs.

Get Your Wardrobe Organised After the Holidays

Now that the summer holidays are over and you’re tempted to buy a few new items for September, you don’t need to feel guilty! You also don’t need to agonise over what to do with all the summer clothes.