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PAKT Wardrobe Service

Why do I need PAKT?

The reality is most of us only wear 20-30% of our wardrobe on a regular basis. Managing the rest of it — seasonal pieces, occasion wear, suits, dresses, leather, handbags, shoes — is an effort.

We lose track of our pieces, we keep things we don’t use, clutter builds up, and often heat, pests or humidity damage our items. There’s a better way!

With PAKT’s effortless wardrobe service you can store smarter, organise digitally, get on-demand delivery of your pieces and consign hassle-free. Rotate pieces in-and-out with ease; PAKT serves as an extension of your home wardrobe.

Run your wardrobe from any device

Each piece you PAKT is catalogued in your personal digital wardrobe. View, sort, filter, tag, consign and book deliveries or collections when you want to take things in and out.

When you take something out, you can replace it with another item at no extra cost. We encourage you to rotate pieces in-and-out, taking full advantage of the Wardrobe Extension service.

PAKT digital wardrobe

On-demand deliveries

Booking deliveries is simple and can be arranged as soon as the next day. If you need items to arrive ready-to-wear, pressing and steaming is available upon request.

PAKT delivery service

Inspection and care

After collection, each piece is thoroughly inspected and a comprehensive condition report is prepared with cleaning and care recommendations. Dry cleaning services can be arranged upon request. In cases of mould, cleaning is required to prevent contamination of the clean facility.

PAKT condition report

Monetise your wardrobe

Your digital wardrobe gives you full visibility of your pieces, and you can even sort items by how many times you’ve worn them (based on how many times we’ve delivered it to you). For pieces you no longer love, click the green ‘$’ icon and PAKT will sell it for you.

PAKT consignment service

Store smarter with specialised storage

Access pieces easily with on-demand deliveries

Organise and plan effortlessly​; run your wardrobe from any device

White-glove collection, inspection and care​

Monetise your wardrobe and sell pre-loved pieces

Let PAKT do the work for you

PAKT Wardrobe Service