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With new and beautifully curated resale platforms opening every day and designer brands limiting releases of new models, the demand for pre-loved designer bags has never been greater, more accessible or easier to get. But if you find yourself overly preoccupied with trawling consignment sites or aren’t sure what you should be selling, PAKT not only has a Consignment Service to do the work for you but also has listed the best vintage handbags to covet.

Commonly referred to as ‘investment pieces’, the handbags that dominate the fashion resale market include Fendi and Louis Vuitton while Hermès and Chanel sharing the crown for holding their value. With a rare Hermès Himalaya Birkin selling for HKD 1.76 million at auction in Hong Kong last year, and Chanel raising their prices so that the small classic handbag now costs 96% more than at the end of 2019, vintage bags have become their own unique market.

As the Luxury Handbag Report 2020 highlights, condition of the bag is a key factor in determining price — those in the know keep them pristine to ensure a higher resale value. To help you get in on the action, here’s a roundup of the current arm candy to choose when considering potential resale value or selling your handbags. 


Bottega Veneta


Vintage Resurgence

Louis Vuitton



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