What to PAKT – Wardrobe Service

Overwhelmed with your wardrobe? This guide will help you identify the things creating unnecessary clutter at home, so you can optimise space and keep everything organised with a wardrobe service like PAKT. Seasonal Attire Winter Clothes (PAKT-X) Coats, trench coats, capes, blazers, jackets, puffers, gilets, cashmere sweaters, wool and knits. Leather (PAKT-X) Jackets, vests, dresses…

The Digital Wardrobe – PAKT App

The PAKT digital wardrobe app makes organising your wardrobe easier than ever. ORGANISE ONLINE Say goodbye to endless rummaging and never forget what’s in your wardrobe again. SELECT ITEMS Tap ‘+’ to select items from your digital wardrobe EASY-ACCESS STORAGE Book next-day deliveries of the pieces you need. Switch items in-and-out of storage with ease….

Get the most out of PAKT

PAKT wardrobe service — a better way to wardrobe Why do I need PAKT? The reality is most of us only wear 20-30% of our wardrobe regularly. Managing the rest of it — seasonal pieces, occasion wear, suits, dresses, leather, handbags, shoes — takes time and effort. There’s a better way! PAKT’s effortless service provides…

Don’t resell handbags without consulting PAKT

Resell handbags hassle-free with PAKT. With new and beautifully curated resale platforms opening every day and designer brands limiting releases of new models, the demand for pre-loved designer bags has never been greater, more accessible or easier to get. But if you find yourself overly preoccupied with trawling consignment sites or aren’t sure what you…

Introducing the Condition Report

Our condition report allows you to see what needs a bit of extra love, with solutions that seamlessly fit with your busy lifestyle.