Wardrobe Insider: Kim Bui Kollar

Stylist and brand consultant, Kim Bui Kollar knows a thing or two about style and managing a wardrobe. The founder of Banck Creative and long time collaborator with designer Phillip Lim, Kim is known for her sense of style and unique point of view.

Street style photographers love her and while she dreams of collaborating with Rihanna and having a concept store with a twist, day to day it’s all about styling clothes to make them hers.

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PAKT Pick: Ember 14 oz Temperature Control Mug

The Ember 14 oz temperature controlled mug is the latest version of the sleek, ceramic cups disrupting the thermos market. A coffee (or tea) lovers’ best friend, the revolutionary design connects to an app so you get the perfect temperature till the very last drop. Which is a good thing, because as much as we all love our brews we’re equally guilty of leaving them to go cold!

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