Introducing the Condition Report

Managing and maintaining your wardrobe can be a hassle. We’re here to help! The condition report allows you to see exactly what needs a bit of extra love and attention and offers solutions that seamlessly fit with your busy lifestyle. Here’s our quick and easy guide to how the condition report works.

View Report

Once your condition report is ready, you will be notified by email to log into your digital wardrobe to see each item.

Condition report through PAKT's Smart Wardrobe platform
Precise images

Clicking view details under each item allows you to see detailed photographs and our care recommendations.

Scroll through detailed photographs of items in the condition report
clothing care

Select the service you wish to book and choose from our list of trusted partners.

Select cleaning services and choose from PAKT's list of trusted partners
leave the rest to PAKT

Submit your clothing care request, complete the payment online and PAKT will take care of the rest.

Submit request and complete payment online