5 Ways to Detox and Organise Your Wardrobe with PAKT

Are you having some chairdrobe (or floordrobe) problems, but you’ve still got “nothing to wear”? Then it’s time for you to think about doing a wardrobe detox. From the organisational tips the PAKT team swear by to the storage solutions they recommend, give your wardrobe a fresh start with our five step guide on how to edit and manage your wardrobe now.

1) Get PAKT

PAKT Smart Wardrobe™ provides virtually endless wardrobe space, with your clothes, handbags and shoes stored in a pristine clean room and delivered on-demand. With a personalised digital inventory of all your items, you can access and manage your wardrobe anytime, anywhere with a tap on your phone.

2) Ode to Joy

We all have a few pieces that bring us tremendous joy, despite not being worn frequently. If you are not ready to say goodbye, make sure your old favourites are in mint condition and stored in breathable garment bags. PAKT Luxe is tailored for specialty garments, so think about archiving them for future generations and take advantage of our dry cleaning discount through our partner Jeeves).

3) Poll it, Share it

To keep or to toss? Having a digital wardrobe means you can easily share your wardrobe with friends and create a quick Yes/No poll on Instagram whenever you need a second opinion. Or give your preloved items a second chance by sharing them with your friends!

4) Reuse and Resell

Through our Smart Wardrobe™ platform, you can sell on any item you no longer want through our partnerships with Vestiaire Collective or Style Tribute. Keep a total of what you’ve sold so you can remind yourself how liberating – both psychologically and financially – a wardrobe detox can be.

5) Shop Smarter

Digitise your wardrobe so you can keep track of what you own, when you wear it and what you actually need. With your wardrobe inventory at your fingertips, you are unlikely to find yourself buying items you already own. It also makes it easier to plan your next purchase and helps you choose the pieces that will work with your existing wardrobe.