PAKT Pick: Fashionopolis By Dana Thomas

As we have grown more conscious about the hidden side of fast fashion, one of the most fundamental and urgently important questions to ask ourselves might be: “what should I wear?”

Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

Image via Penguin Random House

In Fashionopolis, acclaimed culture and fashion journalist and author Dana Thomas delivers a thoughtful investigation into the environmental and social costs of fast fashion – and how new technologies can help shape the future of sustainable fashion.

Circling the globe, Thomas uncovers the stories of innovators and visionary entrepreneurs who are propelling more sustainable means of clothing production by reclaiming traditional crafts and developing cutting-edge technologies. This means everything from 3D-printed clothing, clean denim processing, hyperlocalism, smart manufacturing to lab-grown leather.

Presenting a vision of the future with good fashion that does not tear down our planet, Fashionopolis poses a powerful argument for getting dressed with intention.

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Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas