PAKT Pick: Lightmax Supercharged LED mask 2.0

Looking your best looks doesn’t stop with your clothes, and if you’ve ever splashed out on a medical-grade facial, you probably have light therapy to thank for that glowy finish.

The Lightmax Supercharged LED mask 2.0, just launched at Lane Crawford, is the cult favourite developed by ‘Super Derm’ Dr Maryam Zamani, the eponymous founder of MZ Skin.  

The mask’s two LED light modes to promote total skin rejuvenation, with the anti-ageing LED mode using red and infrared light to stimulate collagen production, calm inflammation  and increase luminosity, while the acne balancing LED mode uses red and blue lights anti-bacterial properties to decongest and clarify the skin reducing both breakouts and hyperpigmentation. 

And the best thing about it? The cordless feature means you can pop it on while you watch TV or browse your digital wardrobe — a case of modern tech now letting you achieve beautiful skin from your sofa.