PAKT Guide – Fur Care & Storage 101

Whether it be a scarf, a jacket or a coat, furs are a hefty investment. Are you storing your furs correctly? Are you worried that you might be damaging your furs and the leather underneath? Fear not, as we have you covered in this care guide — how to store and properly care for your furs so they last for generations to come.

Prioritise proper fur storage to keep your coats clean!

The first rule of fur care is to store it in a dark location away from sun. Direct sunlight can cause damage and bleaching so a windowless space would be ideal.

Temperature control is also essential. The right cold storage means the fur and leather’s natural oils are maintained so the materials remain supple and pliable. Once the oils are depleted, the fur can tear as easily as tissue paper. Between 2-10°C is optimal, but any temperature under 13°C is suitable.

Now, the hardest task of all: tackling humidity. Chronic damp will not only cause the fur to come away from the leather underneath but damage the leather itself, while mould can disintegrate fur surprisingly quickly. Too dry and the fur will become brittle and crack. Furs should be kept between 40-50% humidity.


Broad hangers are the way to go when you’re hanging up your coats. They are able to support the weight of the fur coat so that the shoulder line maintains its structure.

Make sure there is sufficient spacing in between the furs on the rack to keep your fur lush. Compressing them into tight spaces causes them to flatten over time, potentially irreversibly.

Maintain furs regularly, but not too often. Keep them clean to preserve lustre and shine; and avoid attracting pests, deterioration or setting stains/odors from dirt and debris. Any odors that penetrate the fur are almost impossible to remove. Be careful not to clean unnecessarily as it can be too drying for a fur.

While protection against insects is vital, never use cedar blocks which can suck out moisture, leaving pelts brittle and dry. On top of that, chemicals in moth balls may react with the fur’s natural oils to create toxic gas. Check frequently for insect activity.

Finally, let’s avoid garment bags, please. The natural fibres need to breathe and require air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking.

Following these tips and staying mindful of the conditions that your furs are in is key to preserving the quality of your garment. For those that want to get it right, PAKT can lend a helping hand in storing your furs correctly.

(Fur storage service currently only available in Hong Kong)