PAKT Pick: Raze Technology

You may be vigilant about not touching your face and have aced mask style with different colours for different outfits (thanks KAZE Origins ) — there is more to it than just keeping the pathogens away from your nose and mouth. You are working from home with virtual meetings using multiple devices, have also set up an at-home workspace in your living room, but are you disinfecting the things you are using day in and day out at home and on the go? 

If you want to ramp up your efforts for self-protection from germs and bacteria, Raze Technology uses photocatalyst technology to kill germs using visible light. Not only does it kill harmful bacteria in just a few sprays, it can be sprayed on virtually any surface including clothing, leather and wood, ridding them of pathogens and pollutants for up to three months. Best of all their products are certified safe for humans and animals alike, do not contain toxins or poisons, and are environmentally sustainable.

Photo: Raze Technology