The Pick: Mahjong Ring

Jewellery is one of life’s greatest luxuries—something that Tayma Page knows all too well. So much so, that the Hong Kong-based jeweller has built her eponymous label on creating earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces using coloured gemstones, such as tourmaline, rubellite and aquamarine. Now, for her 10th annual fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she is supporting both The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation and Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre with the Pink Ribbon section of her website and through a drop in at her Hong Kong atelier.

Our favourite piece? The Watermelon Tourmaline Mahjong Ring featuring bold, bi-coloured, pink and green stones, set in either chunky gold or white gold. The colour of the tourmalines not only conveys solidarity with those affected by breast cancer (remember pink is the symbol of breast cancer awareness), but alchemists in the Middle Ages believed the stones to be extremely protective of the wearer. And for those in the throes of cancer, feeling this sentiment is perhaps the greatest luxury.