Wardrobe Insider: Victoria Tang-Owen

Founder, creative director, mother, entrepreneur, and charity president — it’s fair to say the force of nature that is Victoria Tang-Owen is thriving.

Having launched multidisciplinary design studio Thirty30 Creative with her husband Christopher Owen in order to work with brands on existing concepts, 2020 saw them set up Victoria Tang Studio. Following recent collaborations with Artistic Director Kim Jones and artist Kenny Scharf for Dior Men, and her ongoing dedication to working with Chinese artisans to combine the best of the contemporary west with traditional techniques from China, she is propelling conversations around tradition, culture and creativity, one carefully considered project at a time.

Here, she talks to PAKT about sustainable shopping, style icons and the fashion advice she got from Kate Moss.  

1) Describe your style in 3 words

High meets low and on-the-go.

Victoria Tang-Owen

2) What’s the most precious item in your wardrobe and why?

My mom gave me her Chanel jackets from the ’90s  in red, purple, pale yellow, pink, cream and black. These items are timeless and so chic!

3) What’s your go to outfit?

T-shirt, wide leg pant and trainers.

4) Favourite piece you bought recently and why?

Pale pink, satin, high-waisted carrot-fit pants from Fendi. I love them — they can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with a T-shirt and trainers. Also, they are designed by one of my favourite people — Kim Jones, Creative Director at Fendi.

Fendi Pink Satin Trousers
Fendi Pink Satin Trousers

5) What is the best fashion advice you have received?

Kate Moss once told me, “Always go for A LOOK!” So the pieces should come together to form a whole.

6) Who are your style icons?

Bianca Jagger because she’s a fashion rule breaker and Faye Wong for her effortless style. 

7) What’s your personal style signifier and why.

I would be a tote bag — it just suits my daily needs from gym to office to running errands — all-in-one!

8) Less or more?

Less IS more.

9) If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be and why?

Kate Moss, because she has a story behind all the pieces she has in her wardrobe, and I love a good story!

Victoria Tang-Owen and Kate Moss

10) If you were an item of clothing what would you be? 

An Alaia shirt dress.

11) Where do you love to shop?

Currently I shop at Hula and Vestiaire Collective

I tend to take a more sustainable approach to fashion, one should buy less, but buy better — whether that’s buying pre-owned goods, re-discovering pieces in your wardrobe or up-cycling clothing. But when I use to travel a lot, especially Tokyo, I love to shop around the back alleys around Omotesando. 

12) What is a must have clothing item everyone must own?

Good white T-shirts.

13) If a museum asked you to donate one item from your wardrobe that represented you what would it be?

My wedding gown by Giambattista Valli.

14) What will we never find in your wardrobe?


15) What’s your number one fashion rule?

Trust your instincts.

16) What is your dream project? 

To design a car.

17) Dream collaborator? 

Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo.

18) Top 3 accounts to follow on social media 

19) Favourite fashion apps? 

Don’t use any.

20) Where were the last three places you travelled to and what are the can’t miss shops?

Phuket, Thailand — after soaking up the sun enjoying the sea, I will browse at Amanpuri gift shop.

London — Dover Street Market / Portobello Market and Columbia Road Flower Market.

Tokyo — Vintage shops in the back alleys in Shibuya, Harajuku and Koenji.