The Pick: The Lip Locket Necklace

For the last 10 years, admirers of Kristen Stewart’s punk lock necklace have been chasing her long-time makeup-artist turned jewellery designer Jillian Dempsey hoping for one of their own. Stewart’s silver piece was a one off, but now Dempsey has launched a new necklace inspired by the original: The Lip Locket Necklace.

With a nod to the British punk scene where Dempsey started her career, the thick chain comes in silver or gold plating in two different sizes – a collarbone-grazing 18″ or chest-length 24″ with a sleek square locket pendant, combining Dempsey’s passion for edgy jewellery and clean, sustainable makeup. With four different custom shades – berry Maryl Mulberry, ruby Royce Red, rosy Know nothing Nude, and bright Quando Pink made from naturally moisturising sunflower oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, each locket comes with a special safety pin to pop a pigment pan in or out of the locket box, and custom tape stripes to secure the mini lip pan in place.

Get The Lip Locket Necklace exclusively through Dempsey’s beauty and grooming app FYFE Beauty.