Wardrobe Insider: Victoria Tang-Owen

Founder, creative director, mother, entrepreneur, and charity president — it’s fair to say the force of nature that is Victoria Tang-Owen is thriving. Having launched multidisciplinary design studio Thirty30 Creative with her husband Christopher Owen in order to work with brands on existing concepts, 2020 saw them set up Victoria Tang Studio. Following recent collaborations with Artistic Director Kim Jones and artist Kenny Scharf…

Wardrobe Insider: Cheryl Leung

Historically, Hong Kong’s strong fashion manufacturing roots meant emerging local designers took a back seat to global brands and fast fashion but, in the last decade an increasing number of creative entrepreneurs have launched brands that are bringing a whole new perspective to the local fashion scene. Leading the way with her feminine dresses and…

Wardrobe Insider: Hannah Griffith

Founder of Styled by Hannah, Hong Kong based stylist Hannah Griffith, talks style signifiers, fashion rules and the social media accounts she takes inspiration from.

Wardrobe Insider: Sharon Leddel

Founder of THE FLOWER PEOPLE, floral designer Sharon Leddel, talks favourite pieces, vintage finds, dream collaborators and projects.

Wardrobe Insider: Bella Su

Bella Su shares her passion for all things Rihanna, reveals her tips for being confident and who her dream collaborator is.

Wardrobe Insider: Cassie Snelgar

Cassie Snelgar talks to PAKT about following her granny’s advice, her love of anything high waisted and her favourite places to shop.