Expert tips for your winter woollens

Post Christmas and Chinese New Year, is the best time to take stock of your wardrobe. Apart from identifying what may be missing, this also means organising and taking care of the pieces you already own. While PAKT works with some brilliant stylists and home organisers, who can help you declutter and plan for storing and digitising your pieces, we wanted to give a some extra tips for actually caring for your winter woollens.

  1. Fold winter woollens with a folding board. Perfect for making them the same size and can be stacked neatly by colour.
  2. Roll accessories such as scarfs, hats and smaller tops.
  3. Slip herbal anti-moth sachets in between your folded stacks on shelves and in drawers or try dropping a little lavender oil onto cedar blocks or hangers before placing them in your wardrobe.
  4. Refresh your wool and cashmere with special clothes spray as over washing can damage the yarns. And, when you do wash, choose a cold wool cycle or wash by hand using a delicate wool and cashmere detergent.
  5. De-pill by using a high quality, electric lint remover to gently remove pilling without damaging your garment.
  6. Clean at the end of winter, with a speciality dry cleaner such as Jeeves of Belgravia, so you can PAKT them away safely until autumn.
madeleine thompson cashmere
Madeleine Thompson cashmere set

Feature image: Madeleine Thompson

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