Get Redressed with PAKT

This October we are taking part in Get Redressed Month, a campaign that raises awareness about the environmental impact of our clothing and encourages us to keep our clothes in use for longer—something PAKT is a huge advocate for—with a small change to how we view our clothes, we can all help to make a big difference in reducing fashion waste and the impact our wardrobes have on the environment. If fact, if we doubled the amount of time we kept our clothes in use for, the carbon emissions from those clothes would be 44% lower!

With 30% of Hong Kongers throwing their unwanted clothing in the bin, it’s time to take responsibility by rewearing, restyling and refusing to just throw items away. Take action to extend the life of your unwanted clothes either by dropping them off at one of Redress’ public collection points, or let PAKT know what you want to donate by clicking to donate on your digital wardrobe and PAKT will make arrangements to do that for you. Once all the clothes are collected they will be sorted by Redress and separated into 20 sorting streams including re-sale, re-use by Redress 20+ charity partners, and recycling/downcycling.