5 Reasons to use PAKT

PAKT Smart Wardrobe™ is the modern solution for wardrobe management

Your wardrobe 24/7

Our digital inventory allows you to manage your wardrobe with a tap on your phone, making day to day dressing infinitely easier.

Perfectly PAKT

If you lack space or are worried about humidity, store clothes properly in our climate controlled facility with cleaning and repairs as needed.

Wardrobe Optimisation

It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. A wardrobe extension allows you to store seasonally or archive special items until you need them.

Ultimate Service

On demand deliveries are scheduled to suit you, with clothes ready to wear, while travelling luggage free simplifies life for those on the road.

Shop Smarter

Keep track of what you own, when you wear it, what you need and best of all sell items on when you don’t want them anymore.