PAKT Summer Fabric Guide – How to Care For Your Silk

Silk has always been a classic go-to fabric of choice for fashion brands and designers around the world. Few other fabrics can compare to its elegant beauty and sensuous feel.  This is a fabric that evokes glamour and splendour — which explains why it is so often used for formal gowns and luxury items. While once a rarity, today silk can be found in many of our wardrobes — it’s comfortable, luxurious, and light.

Don’t let your silk go to waste! Here are some of PAKT’s best tips to take care of your silk:


  • Find, read over, and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Store silk clothes in breathable cotton storage bags and non-acidic tissue paper or in clothing covers in a dark and dry room/wardrobe
  • Wash it only with neutral detergents
  • Wash it with cold water (Dry cleaning is preferred)


  • Expose silk clothes to sunlight for too long
  • Use chlorine bleach (never!)
  • Use washing machine without “delicates” function
  • Iron with high temperature (Garment steamer is preferred)

It’s important to remember how delicate silk really is. Failure to properly handle silk clothing will turn the fabric yellow and cause the fibers to break down quickly. Your silk items should be handled with care. However, we all know Hong Kong’s humid climate can be incredibly harmful to silk, and space for quality clothing storage can be hard to find.


Let’s make things easier and leave it to PAKT! We have the perfect solution for you to store and care your precious silk items. PAKT is Asia’s most innovative clothing storage solution. Our core services in HK are clothing care and storage. PAKT offers premium quality and care for your clothes in what we call the “Clean Room,” which is 24/7 Air Conditioned and humidity controlled. Clothes — especially silk items — are handled with care. Clients’ clothes are then made accessible through our “digital wardrobe” concept, in which we sort, tag, and photograph your clothes.


Your silk is precious — help us help you take care of these items.