Wardrobe Insider: Kristina Snaith-Lense of The Upper House

As Hotel Manager of The Upper House and Pacific Place Apartments, Kristina Snaith-Lense is known for her eclectic and colourful style.

Equally happy sporting edgy metallics or block colours, this Hong Kong girl understand the importance of a great pair of shoes and why panic dressing isn’t her style.

1) Describe your style in 3 words

Colourful, playful, spontaneous.

2) What’s the most precious item in your wardrobe and why?

2 pairs of shoes.

My first pair of Christian Louboutin black patent leather courts which were a gift from my brother Julian, on strict instructions from his wife that everyone woman should have a pair of Loubis—how right she was!

My one and only pair of Manolo Blahnik, also a gift from a very special friend as my something blue for my wedding.    

3) What’s your go to outfit? 

Block colour, high waisted trousers and a print blouse with fun, bold earrings. Always with a bright red lip!  

4) Favourite piece you bought recently and why? 

Being a fan of accessories, statement headbands have found their way into my life and I am very happy about it.

5) What is the best fashion advice you have received? 

The legend that is Iris Apfel once said,

“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.”

6) Who are your style icons? 

I love icons of the 1950s that ooze femininity and were not afraid to be bold. Also the matriarchs of my family, all strong, beautiful women who enjoy the art up dressing up: my grandmother, my mother, my sister Sasha and my cousin Lindsay.

7) Personal style signifier

Anything purple!

8) Less or more?

More and more, especially accessories.

Kristina Snaith-Lense wears a Turquoise velvet lounge wear set

9) If you could have anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be and why? 

Hands down Amal Clooney—her feminine approach to tailoring, fresh and on point workwear, and the oh-so-fabulous gowns. A lady who is not afraid of colour!

10) If you were an item of clothing what would you be? 

I would be a hat—best view of what’s going on!

11) Where do you love to shop? 

I am a high street girl through and through: for clothes, Topshop has been my favourite since I was 11 and Callixto is my go-to for all accessories, jewellery, bags and scarves! I also do the bulk online at Zara and MATCHESFASHION.

Rajput Jewels collection by Callixto

Photo: Callixto

12) Favourite fashion apps? 

Sites I am mainly on apart from MATCHESFASHION are Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter. I love Pinterest always for inspiration and browsing.

13) If a museum asked you to donate one item from your wardrobe that represented you what would it be? 

It would be my Indian styled wedding dress which Bharati Assomull of Fine n’Rhine helped to custom make with me from a Pinterest photo! It is so special to me and represents one of the most magical days of my life.   

Kristina Snaith Lense's wedding dress

14) What will we never find in your wardrobe? 

Crocs or Birkenstocks—banned by my German husband.

15) What’s your number one fashion rule? 

I choose my clothes from the night before for the next day, and must always have a backup option on standby in case I’m suddenly not feeling it. I am a mess if I need to panic dress on a schedule!