The Pick: The Flower People

This time of year, traditional evergreen Christmas wreaths with ribbons, pine cones and sparkling baubles are sold in every flower shop in Hong Kong.  Which is par for the course. They’re festive and fun, which is great, if you want to fit in with quintessential decorating ideals. But what about those who want to stand out, not blend in?

The Flower People, a studio run by Sharon Leddel and located in the heritage area of Wan Chai, has disrupted the HK flower industry with its sustainable and female-centric business model, attracting clients such as Vogue, BAFTA, AllBright, Art Basel and Bumble along the way. And, this season, she’s helping disrupt holiday decor with sustainable everlasting wreaths and garlands made from naturally dried, preserved flowers and foliage.

Each wreath takes 3-7 hours to make, with a handed grapevine base and dried blood oranges, hydrangeas star anise, lotus pods, eucalyptus, berries, pampas and bunny tail grass added to make a unique wreath. The woodland botanical creations are can be kept for future years and the small versions work for table decorations. 

So whether you celebrate Christmas or not, hand over all responsibility to the expert and consider yourself converted.